Last month marked a year of Click Cash formation - even so - November 2019 already seems a distant past at Click Cash camp. Six months have passed since the official launch of our application for Android phones in Brazil, which recently reached +220,000 downloads, and now, humbly but very excited, we celebrate our first anniversary with a new investment that has just valued our company at almost 15 million Euros in our last round of participation.

We are thrilled with it and can't be more thankful to the entrepreneurs and investors that have come together and on board with us on our mission to make credit more accessible to all people in Brazil.

You can check the beginning of our story (the first four months before the App launch) on my previous post:

Click Cash the App is here!


Within six months of operation, we had already started originating profitable paid out vintages by Net multipliers, and our NPL (non-performing loan) levels have dropped sharply, constantly improving - month by month - as we feed our proprietary mobile score engine with more and more volume and data.

In other words, this means we're rocking and rolling fast! :)

This continuous cycle of evolution of our credit scoring models, based on mobile data, has proven to bring consistent results, but in order to be even more effective it’s important to have bigger volumes (more data) and a continuous cash-flow, this will enable us to improve more and faster, and scale-up.


Below some overall numbers that show what we've achieved so far, but more importantly, how our clients have found on us a solution for their most pressing problems, and that we've found a way to reach them effectively:

  • App Downloads: +220.000
  • Applications received: +100.000
  • Followers social media: +13.000
  • Returning customers (2nd loan): +30%
  • Organic app downloads: 40%
  • App rating: 4.0 (max 5)
  • Total requested amount: +$21M (EUR) / R$ 134M (BRL)1

Next steps

Our focus now is on the conclusion of our current (open) Series A round, as we are currently working on multiple due diligence and loan book financing with global institutional investors. That is the last step before we start to scale our solution. We've done the work, built a great team and a great product, with a proved profitable business model, and now we're ready next steps.

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