Due to the new coronavirus pandemic, the use of digital operations and contactless payment are becoming more and more common. All of this is concomitant with the expansion of the digital sector, which intensifies the expansion in both the commercial and financial markets. According to a study carried out by FICO, there was a 65% increase in Brazilians willing to open an online bank account compared to 2020, and among the 14 countries covered, Brazil ranked first in the preference for using applications over websites. In addition, 36% say they have less intention to open an account at a physical branch than a year ago.

Amidst so many behavioral changes, where economies are becoming increasingly digital, dialogue between financial ecosystems is essential. Importantly, the adhesion of an increasing number of people to the financial system means more inclusion and knowledge. This financial inclusion has a direct impact on economic development: gross savings, social empowerment and economic empowerment. At the same time, financial inclusion allows individuals and companies to seize business opportunities, invest in education, and save for retirement.

Finally, this transformation is here to stay and further mature the digital finance world. Through the automation of financial processes, there is a demystification and greater reach by different parts of the population. Thus, even with the economic difficulties that the pandemic brought, this digital revolution facilitated operational evolution.

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