Are you thinking about going on vacation, but you don't want to run out of debt and hurt your economy? A little bit of financial planning and research on alternative solutions can help you enjoy the trip of your dreams without any financial stress.

When can we travel again? 

Before talking about our tips of financial planning, it is important to remember that we are still experiencing travel restrictions around the world due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. And, at the moment, we have 10 countries open for Brazilians with light restrictions, according to the href="" target="_self">interactive map of Skyscanner, with travel restrictions around the world.

For trips in national territory, most of the hotels and tourist sites have already reopened following security measures.

The general recommendation is that travelers reinforce their hygiene and protection habits, such as wearing a mask, cleaning their hands with soap and water or with 70% alcohol gel.  

If you have flu or respiratoy symptoms, seek health care and avoid contact with other people. 

Message delivered, now let's talk about the tips of financial planning for your trip

Set up a budget for your trip 

The first step is to define how much money you plan to save and the spending forecast during the trip. Do a complete spending survey, according to the budget you previously established. This way you can avoid unexpected expenses.  Below are some points to consider in your research: 

  • How much do you plan to spend? 
  • Airfare 
  • Accommodation 
  • Tours 
  • Transportation 
  • Food 

Make a plan

As soon as you decide to go on vacation, start saving immediately. Depending on your financial goals, you can choose to save as much money as you want each month.

This planning can give you enough time to save up for the trip and enjoy the moment.   

Look for discounts 

The search for promotions and discounts is an essential part of planning a trip, before closing any package, transportation or tours. 

To find the best prices, it is important that this search is not done in a hurry. This way, you will follow better:

  • the fluctuation of prices during the year;
  • identify periods with higher discounts;
  • act thinking in medium and long term, among other benefits (tours, lodging, travel time).

Consider a personal loan for your trip 

A personal loan allows partial or total financing of the value of the trip and offers greater payment flexibility. In the case of Click Cash, these are the benefits of contracting our credit:

  • Period of up to 24 times to pay
  • Interest lower than credit card 
  • Cash in your account within one business day 


Lack of money and financial planning can no longer be an excuse for you not to make the dream trip. Choose the place, research, plan and analyze how much money you will need to borrow. 

Download now Click Cash's App to make a loan simulation. You can receive the money in your account within one business day if approved.

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