The App Click Cash raised the amount of 1.2 million euros (R$ 5.5 million) in contribution led by Austrian Telor and Estonian Morcote Holdings, to bet on the launch, to the Brazilian market, of fully automated loans, agile and unbureaucratic, in March.

"We believe that with accelerated economic growth, increased consumer confidence and new Brazilian regulations to bancos digitais and fintechs, a Click Cash comes to offer a convenient alternative, with competitive rates, compared to traditional bank loans, which are expensive per payday," says Rene Hirv, founder and CEO of Morcote Holding.

For Douglas Murdoch, Country Manager at Click Cash In Brazil, the operation "bets on its own credit score that combines artificial intelligence, mobile data and traditional credit information services. And it is this own score, in several layers, that guarantees the assertiveness of the analysis and the speed of credit granting," he reveals.

Click Cash – Como funciona? 

The loan is requested in Click Cash and, once approved, made available for deposit into the customer's account.

Fast approval is the result of artificial intelligence applied in the system, which does not depend only on information from previous payments or old databases to evaluate the consumer's credit capacity - a differential in relation to other market players.

Click Cash crosses up to 10,000 data points per device and relies on various sources for consumer evaluation, which enable the execution of highly assertive loans. The platform is also one of the first to use data from the Positive Registration, provided by SPC/Serasa, for granting credit.

Para Sasha Hauptmann, CEO da Telor, a confiança na Click Cash foi um fator relevante. “Temos certeza de que, com sua abordagem rigorosa às interfaces móveis, processo de back-end, pontuação e análise de crédito de big data muito minuciosa, a Click Cash is very well positioned to benefit from the growth of online lending," he explains.

The startup offers credit between R$ 1000 and R$ 10 thousand for payment from 6 to 24 times - via bill or bank transfer. Soon, fintech will offer loans of up to R$ 10 thousand for payments in up to 24 months and with automatic debit payment capacity. Using extensive experience in credit scoring and mobile data scoring, ClickCash offers competitive rates compared to other players.

With the increasingly digital banking system, Credit as a Service will work as a benefit not only for the B2C public but also B2B, where "CaaS" will act as a new financial solution where companies that do not use loans as a financial solution will be able to offer credit to their customers through the Click Cash platform Click Cash.

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