Many people were - and continue to be - affected by the economic crisis generated by the new coronavirus. Among the most affected are the Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEI, acronym in Portuguese), for having less capital saved, they have difficulty dealing with the partial drop of activities. But did you know that there is a personal loan for MEI?

This type of loan helps the entrepreneur who needs money to keep his business going. Read here how to apply fora a loan in this article. 

Can MEI's get a personal loans? 

A personal loan is related to an individual and linked to a CPF. With it, you can use it as you see fit, whether it's to buy new equipment, pay off a debt, or buy furniture.

If you are an MEI you can also apply for a personal loan in Click Cash, but the contract is signed with your .CPF and not your CNPJ..

What is required to apply for a loan? 

To apply for a personal loan for your business, it is important to have your RG, CPF and CNPJ in hand. In addition, you must also present proof of residence, ideally in your name, be it a water, electricity or gas bill. 

All documents must be sent for analysis directly on the Click Cash application.

Advantages of personal loans for MEI

  • 100% online 

From the simulation to the ae of the loan, you do everything without leaving home, through our application. 

  • Security 

All data is protected by high-security systems to ensure the privacy of your information.

  • Rápido e transparente 

Your online loan can be approved within one business day. It's easier to apply for a loan and receiving the credit and use them as you see fit.  

Simulate you loan now! 

At Click Cash, you can simulate an online loan through our application. You will have access to amounts from R$ 1,000 to R$ 10,000 reais, with installment plans in up to 24 times. Download the application and test it..

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