Name clearance is the goal of many people. Mainly because having a clean name can open doors, as well as being the first step to getting credit more easily. So, here are tips to rectify this situation.

How it happens

The first step occurs when the consumer receives a notice about the introduction of his name in the credit protection agencies (SPC/Serasa), and from that moment on he has 10 days to make the payment. Thus, if the debt is not paid during this period, the consumer's name is registered as a defaulter. Those who have their name negative find it difficult to obtain credit, and often cannot get loans and financing. However, if they get credit, they will usually pay high interest. Finally, the consumer's name remains negative for 5 years, but the debt continues to exist even after that period.

How to solve it

According to data from Serasa, there are currently around 60 million Brazilians denied. So, if this is your case, but you want to change your situation, pay attention to the tips below:

● Renegotiation
Some companies are willing to renegotiate your debt. So, analyze the conditions carefully, and take the opportunity to reach the best deal for you. It is worth remembering that when you choose the installment plan, the old debt is erased and the name is removed within 5 working days from the credit protection services.

● Planejamento
É muito importante ter um planejamento detalhado dos seus gastos. Pois assim, você terá um orçamento sobrando para quitar os débitos e equilibrar as finanças. O ideal é guardar 10% do seu salário para poder se livrar das dívidas e  eventuais emergências. Para mais informações, temos um outro post com 5 dicas para sair do vermelho.

● Novas dívidas
Para evitar fazer novas dívidas é essencial investir em educação financeira. Através do autoconhecimento e corte de gastos desnecessários, é possível restabelecer a sua saúde financeira e, por fim, conseguir limpar o nome.

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