Do you have a very clear goal in mind, but think your current salary won't help you achieve that dream? Then it's worth thinking of ways to get an extra income and get out of the grip.

In general, the extra income consists in an additional remuneration, which is conquered from a different activity than the one we usually have.

It's a strategy that helps to collect new gains and also an opportunity to improve your financial planning.

In this post, I brought a simple and quick list with 4 tips of what you can do in terms of extra money. Follow the reading!

1. Put your culinary talent into practice

Taking into account that people are eating more at home in this period of social distancing, the chances of earning money through gastronomy and balancing personal finances are very high

Who can't resist a sweet, a pie, an appetizing meal or a snack with everything they're entitled to, right?

So, put your culinary skills into practice and create ways to sharpen the palate of your future customers with mouth-watering foods, so that you can have a good reputation and receive daily referrals.

Pot cakes are excellent alternatives, after all, the preparation cost is very low compared to the value you can achieve with the sale.

2. Use your creativity for craftsmanship

Even with the beginning of the vaccination campaign of the coronavirus in Brazil, we know that the use of protective masks is mandatory. Taking this into consideration, nothing prevents you from putting the thread on the needle and manufacturing cloth masks to sell in your neighborhood.

Working with handcrafted products is something that can generate an interesting extra income, especially if they have a special touch of customization.

It is possible to release your imagination and also develop products based on reused materials, paintings, furniture, sculptures, among others that can provide that blessed "make me laugh" on the bill.

Depending on the production progress, it is worth to register your products in a virtual store, since the delivery is what has fostered the economy in recent months.

3. Take advantage of digital opportunities

Speaking of the virtual environment, you can't stay out of the immensity of opportunities that the Internet makes available to those who want an extra income.

Affiliate programs, for example, are very sought after for the ease of the process, since it is only necessary to disclose links from various offers to your contact base. This can happen by e-mail, via social networks, blogs, etc.

It is also possible to sell your workforce to be freelance, offering services of writing, design, photography, website development, text translation, among other situations that pop up on specific platforms for freelance.

In addition, taking advantage of the high dollar and the popularization of lives, you can invest in videos for YouTube, but have planning for the content to monetize.

4. Give private lessons about something you master

Offering online courses is also an interesting idea and can represent a good commission, after all, as that certain clown from Gotham City would say: "If you're good at something, never do it for free".

Based on this principle, put your mind to work, gather your best skills and use your knowledge to create content that is relevant to your audience.

If you have a good command of subjects such as Mathematics, Portuguese, Philosophy, Chemistry, Physics, Biology or other subjects, you can offer classes to concurors, students with difficulties in school, among others.

Take advantage of the various videoconferencing tools, disseminate the content on the Internet and work on your visual and verbal communication in order to teach properly.

Personal loan to start a new business 

Finally, but so important, when it comes to extra income, personal loan can be an alternative for you to put the bills in days and have a financial breath.

Also, if you need a little push to start your business, Click Cash credit offers you the flexibility to invest in equipment, and can parcel out the loan up to 24 times. Download the app now to make a simulation.

Like the tips? Comment here what you do to generate extra income!

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