Lack of information on the use and protection of personal data online makes users increasingly vulnerable on the internet. In Brazil, according to data from the CNDL and the SPC, 8.9 million people were victims of fraud in the last year. Almost half of that number occurred in internet transactions and purchases. A survey carried out by the ACI appoints Brazil as the country with the most risks in the use of debit, credit and prepaid cards. In addition, Brazil was placed in the second global position among the countries with the most frauds – only behind Mexico. Misinformation and insecurity online are obvious, but there are steps you can take to better protect yourself. Check out the tips:

Scams and Suspicious Links

Messages on WhatsApp or email with tempting offers that seem too good to be true are very common. By clicking on the link, you run the risk of having your data captured, or paying for a product or service that you will never receive. So don't open these links even if the sender is someone you know. Furthermore, these scams often lead to fake websites or even replicas of official websites, leading the user to believe that he is in a safe environment. There are still virus infected links and malwares, which are sent to redirect the user to pages of phishing. These pages are built to collect your data and used in scams.

Check information carefully

So the best way to prevent is to use common sense, do research on the site's reputation and if there are similar scams floating around out there. The Central Bank itself makes available lists of institutions that are authorized by the agency to offer loans, financing, consortia and other financial services. Lists can be consulted on this link. This is a great way to check the information and sources you receive are reputable.

Stay tuned here on the blog, because next week there will be two more tips on how to prevent online fraud.

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