Internet fraud does not end. So, following last week's theme, I've separated two more tips for you to apply the necessary care in order to preserve your pocket and avoid future problems. Check it out below:

Be wary of suspicious messages

Be aware of emails and messages (SMS or WhatsApp) from unknown sources. The best thing to do is to research and confirm that the sender is legitimate, using the official contact provided by the company you trust. Also, be wary of messages with sensational themes, such as:
● “Get Free Data Pack” – By clicking on the fake link, the victim is directed to a website that asks for information about the user's phone line.
● “Re-registration/updating of your data” – Deceptively uses the nickname of known institutions so that the person can trust and fill in important data.
● “Subpoena/communication from the Internal Revenue Service” – It is always important to check on the official website of the Internal Revenue Service which vehicles are authorized to make this type of communication, also if the e-mail or telephone number is correct.

Keep your antivirus up to date

Having an up-to-date protection mechanism will increase your online security, both on your computer and mobile. Currently, there are free options available for both devices. So beware of malwares and other threats.

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