Click Cash is a fintech that seeks to debureaucratize the access to credit for the Brazilian population, through online loan via cell phone. But is it reliable? 

If you are unsure if Click Cash is the right one for you to do business with, then read this text now! 

About Click Cash 

We are a Fintech (finance startup) that acts as Socinal's banking correspondent, authorized by the Central Bank, offering fast and secure online personal loans in Brazil. We operate through our own mobile technology, which simplifies the complicated and bureaucratic process of credit approval without guarantee to individuals, allowing speed, convenience, security and reach.

We use Mobile Big Data and Open Banking technologies to provide accurate credit profile analysis and strong predictability to our scoring models - factors that differentiate Click Cash in the country's credit market. 

Is Click Cash safe? 

Yes, Click Cash is safe. Our head of Legal & Compliance Gabriele Oliveira, highlights that the company's core culture is "the security of personal data of its customers and applies methods of protection and security by design, which means that, since its inception, the Click Cash is committed to providing the best systems, processes, projects and products aimed at the security of users and protection of their data. For example, Click Cash has developed its own user management system (CRM), with strict security and data access criteria. In addition, cloud computing is also used to ensure data security and stability," he says.

You can also read more about our commitment to security with the personal information collected at our privacy policy.

Great reputation in Reclame Aqui

Click Cash has a 9.2 grade and a 92% solution rate in the app. We're rated "Great" by the site reference in business reputation, Reclame Aqui

Beware of Internet scams and frauds

Se você deseja fazer um empréstimo na Click Cash, deve saber identificar nossos canais oficiais de atendimento para não cair em golpes ou fraudes. 

Você pode entrar em contato com a gente pelo Whatsapp, Messenger do Facebook e pelo e-mail,

Lembrando que todo processo de solicitação de empréstimo acontece no aplicativo. e a Click Cash não realiza nenhuma cobrança antecipada para liberação de crédito, conforme as normas do Banco Central.

How to get a loan at Click Cash? 

Applying for a personal loan at Click Cash is very simple. Just href="" target="_self">download the app available at the Google Play Store.

After downloading the app, you can take a fixed amount of money and pay it back with interest in monthly installments over the span of the loan - which normally ranges from 6 to 24 months at Click Cash

Documents needed to make a personal loan

You must use a valid document with photo (RG or CNH) - it must be recent and in good condition. You must also have personal proof of residence, up to 60 days (consumption bills such as water, electricity or telephone).

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