The school year will start soon and with it comes back the concern of buying school supplies. Even with the pandemic of the new coronavirus, students all over Brazil will have to go back to school, either in person or online.

Regardless of how it will happen, it's always good to start the year with new school materials. With this in mind, we have separated some alternatives to help you acquire everything that was requested on the school list. 

1 - Reuse what you have at home

Usually, the list of supplies does not change drastically over the years. Some items will always be on it, such as pens, black pencils, scissors, and erasers. 

Before you even begin your price research for the items on the list, consider reusing what you have leftover from the previous year that is still in good condition. 

That way, you will only spend money on items that you really need. In addition to encouraging sustainable actions for your children. 

2 - Research and compare prices

One of the best ways to save money when buying supplies is to research hard until you find the best prices. 

According to CNN, the searches for school supplies on the Internet grew 194% at the beginning of January 2021, compared to the same period in the previous month, according to a survey conducted by the portal Cuponomia.

The survey also points out that most basic school supplies can be found with prices up to 50% lower in stationery stores and online stores, compared to the values of the same items offered in physical stores.

3 - Look for discounts 

Another way to save money on your list is to use discount coupons and take advantage of online store promotions. 

Follow sites like Cuponeria, Cuponomia e Busca Descontos so you don't miss out on the best deals.

4 - Buy in advance

As we talked about in the research item, online shopping is in full swing this year. And the best thing for you is to purchase all items before school starts - when prices tend to rise. 

It is the famous law of supply and demand: when there are more offers than demands, prices tend to fall. So try to buy your supplies at least one month in advance. 

5 - Ask for a loan 

We know that you want to provide the best for your children, and in some cases, even when researching prices and trying to reuse some items, you notice that the school supplies are weighing on the budget. 

One alternative is to take out a personal loan exclusively to pay for school supplies. This way, you will be able to combine several expenses in a single credit installment.

Click Cash offers online personal loans. In our mobile app, you can have the application approved in minutes and the money in your account within one working day. 

Está é uma opção rápida e segura, útil para você adquirir os itens antes da volta às aulas. 

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